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Welcome to Steel Storm Shelters, LLC! Please call 866-427-8044 to have your questions answered. We are glad you are reviewing our website to educate yourself about the shelters we provide and gain insight to enable you to choose a unit that fits your family’s needs.

Plan now for Fall of 2015. Our area has also seen devastating tornado's as late as November and as early as January/February. It is always the time to consider a shelter to provide protection for your family during severe weather events.

Upcoming Events to View Unit and ask Questions:

September 18, 19, 20th 2015
Home Decorating & Remodeling Show at Music City Center
201 5th Ave South
Nashville TN 37209

A call for an appointment is best during this time of the year. We are checking in often. Leave a message with your contact information or email to or on the 'Contact Us' form.

Shop / Business Address:

365 Pleasant Springs Lane, Henderson TN 38340. In order to ensure that someone is availabe to answer your questions, please phone ahead with your planned time for visiting the shop. During slow times, we may not be available in shop to answer questions. We do work for contractors off the premises also.

Monday - Friday 10 AM - 4:00 PM (Dave and/or Clay are usually in the shop earlier but may not be able to grab phone. Leave a message if you miss us. We will return your call or send you a brochure if you leave your mailing address on the voice mail.

Saturday's are by appointment only. We are glad to work with famlies for appointments during the week later than the typical shop hours when those are pre arranged.


We build standard sizes and styles to be able to turn out units in a timely manner, but we are glad to create a custom size unit to fit your needs. We have both below and above ground shelters. Our above ground unit, 'the SafeRoom' meets or exceeds FEMA 320 requirements and has been tested at Texas Tech University Wind Science for 250 mph wind force and approved as a unit safe to be used above ground. The 250 miles wind force testing that was done at Texas Tech on our original 10 gauge steel plate unit indented the steel by approximately 1". They allow a unit to pass testing as long as it does not indent beyond 3". Our unit will prevent debris from entering with you and your family in the strongest of storms (F5). It had inches to spare and we now build the unit from 3/16 plate steel. All unit doors are Texas Tech tested. We have also received our third party certification from a professional engineer to give added assurance that our manner of building the units and of attaching or installing the unit is approved to stand up to high wind storms.

We build a quality storm shelter. The units we build are not 'cheap' and we do not mass produce. Consider what you would want to be standing between your family and the strongest forces of nature: just enough or near absolute? The FEMA 320 guidebook tells us that 'near absolute' is the most you can attain with shelter designs. No one can predict what the next storm may bring but you definitely are more secure with the near absolute that a steel shelter can give you.

We realize that some are concerned with being in a steel shelter during a storm with lightening present; the video below explains that there is no need for concern.

No matter what your circumstances are, we can build a safe shelter to fit your needs.

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