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Tornado Tamer SafeDoor – FEMA 320 for residential use

Typical Sizes:

The Tornado Tamer SafeDoor is Texas Tech tested and 3rd party certified by a professional engineer for use in FEMA 320 settings upon concrete pour or concrete block shelters. FEMA 320 designates typical residential use. This is the same door style that is used upon our SafeRoom, SafeShed, and HillSide shelters.

The door was tested as a complete unit; jam, door, and locking system. It does not remove from its frame.

The door is made of 1/4 plate steel on a steel tubing frame. The jam is made of ts 2" X 4". This assembly is set into a 4" angle frame. It is made to set into the opening and upon the face of a concrete shelter within your home or a concrete block type shelter. It does not have an interior trim. This trim can be achieved with wood after the door is mounted and attached.

The door opens and locks with a single turn that sets 3 steel cams; one in the top jam, one at the latch side, and one into the bottom jam plate. The door is painted using a Farrel Calhoun product in color Moth Wing.

Anchorage is achieved with 1/2"X4" minimum embedment wedge anchors set into solid concrete wall or 1/2"X4" minimum embedment sleeve anchors if the wall is block with concrete to backfill. Anchorage is made thru the angle iron frame face and into the wall behind. *We do not provide the anchors for the door system. These are difficult to ship with the door and easy to attain at a local hardware store.

The SafeDoor is available with a weld stud design if the face attachment is not preferred method to embed or attach the door to the shelter. The door is built with weld studs extending from the 2X4 tube steel that allow embedment of the studs into the pour of your shelter or to extend into the concrete block wall in order to be encompassed with the concrete backfill pour.

If you need the door made for the opening you have already formed, we can accommodate this request. Click this link and print the form. Use it as a guide to provide some basic measurements. We will then build the door to work with your existing opening.

Large orders welcome and discounts considered for multiple doors ordered. A recent order of 28 doors went to Peoria, IL for a project. 5 went to Alcorn County, MS for Community Shelter projects thru out the county.

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