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Steel Storm Shelters

Is your safe place ready?

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About Us

Tried and Tested Protection
Built in West Tennessee

Since our first design, we’ve been committed to providing the highest level of protection to families affected by tornadoes and severe weather.

Our mission at Steel Storm Shelters is simple: to provide high-quality products that give you peace of mind. Our team caters to your family's specific needs with each storm shelter or door being built to order. We hope you’ll find what you’re looking for. For more information or general inquiries, browse our site and feel free to get in touch today.

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Storm Protection Solutions

Meeting Your Needs

Above-Ground Steel SafeRoom


  • Installation available for existing home or during new construction

  • Sizes starting at 3X5X6 - each shelter built to order to fit your needs

  • Tested to withstand 250 MPH wind force (F5 Tornado) by Texas Tech Wind Science Research Center

  • Meets or exceeds all FEMA and ICC 500 guidelines

  • All Steel construction, built with exterior channel for extra strength

Steel SafeDoor Tornado Proof FEMA ICC-500

FEMA 320 SafeDoor

  • For use with concrete shelters

  • Tested and Approved by Texas Tech Wind Science Research Center

  • Engineer stamped FEMA 320 design, complies with ICC 500 standards

  • 6 point door attachment

  • Can be shipped anywhere in United States

  • Complete unit including jam, door and locking system

Vent Block

Vent Block 8'X16"

The Vent Block provides safe ventilation for a storm shelter of concrete or block.  The Vent Block is sized 8”X16". It is built with either a weld stud design to allow it to set in place of a block and be anchored during the concrete back fill process or angle iron frame for anchoring with wedge anchors in to the shelter wall.
Our Vent Block is made of 3/16 steel plate. It has an expanded metal grid to prevent debris pieces from entering the shelter. 

Sold Individually.

Contact us today for more details about the services we offer.

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Our Testimonials

Steel SafeDoor FEMA ICC-500

Chris D

Steel Storm Shelters made an excellent steel door for our existing concrete storm shelter. They worked carefully with us long distance by phone and email to build a great fitting door at a very fair price. I certainly recommend their services.

Saferoom Hit by Tornado

Tammy M

"There's more damage than pictured. Blessings to you and your business. If it hadn't been for the good lord and our storm shelter, we wouldn't be here". 2022 SafeRoom Customer

Home: Testimonials
Custom SafeRoom Tornado Proof


Helpful Information

Home: FAQ

How safe are our products?

All SafeRoom and Door designs have been tested and approved for withstanding 250 MPH wind force (F5 Tornado) at Texas Tech Wind Science Research Center. We have been numerous times to TTU when a new design is implemented, including the currently offered SafeRoom and SafeDoor
They have also been reviewed and approved by a third party engineer and meet or exceed FEMA and ICC 500 standards.

What can be customized?

Each shelter is built to order. Everything can be customized, from size to functional add-ons, such as:

  • Panic pin

  • Bunks/Bench seating

  • HVAC hook up

  • TV mount

  • Siding exterior

  • Peep hole

  • Deadbolt for securing valuables

Do you keep shelters in stock for quick ship?

At this time, we do not keep a stock of ready made shelters. All shelters/doors are built to order with an average lead time of 6 weeks.

What keeps the shelter from being lifted up and carried away by storm winds?

The attachment to the concrete slab in your garage, carport, workshop, or patio by use of either a chemical anchor system or a wedge anchor system. Both are approved by our engineer stamp. Storm winds lift things when they can get beneath them. The attachment to the concrete slab anchors the unit to that slab so that the weight of the slab keeps the unit in place. The steel walls do not allow debris to penetrate and harm the occupants.

What makes the shelters strong?

Full steel construction with 3/16" steel plate on the floor and walls. We also add a 4" channel around the exterior walls for added protection from falling debri. The door is built from 1/4" steel and features 6 points of attachment - 3 heavy duty steel hinges welded on and an A-311 3 point locking system that engages with one lever.

What if the door becomes blocked by debris?

Our doors are tested to open into the shelter or out of the shelter. Most families prefer the in-swing of the door so debris do not block the door from opening. You should wait for responders to arrive rather than climb over debris that could cause bodily harm.



Questions, comments, & price requests can be made here for our SafeRooms. Feel free to reach out, we'd love to hear from you!

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Steel Storm Shelters Saferoom Tornado Safety
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Questions, comments, & price requests can be made here for our FEMA 320 Steel SafeDoors.

Feel free to reach out, we'd love to hear from you!

Door size of interest:
Do you currently have a "Rough Opening"?

Thanks for checking us out. We’ll be in touch soon!

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