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Steel Storm Shelter TN

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Our units will not be the least in expense. We believe in quality over quantity. Materials and workmanship do cost. Consider, when choosing a vehicle to safely carry your family thru their day to day activities, do you look towards the safety of the purchase or the least in expense to get the job done? When Mother Nature is throwing all she has at you and your family, what do you want between you and the storm?​

About Steel Storm Shelters LLC Tornado Shelters


We are a family business which stemmed from a successful steel welding and fabrication business that has been around since 1980. Our shop is located near Jackson, TN in Chester County, TN. During past tornadoes which hit Jackson, the founder was involved in the cleanup and in the re-construction of the area. Friends lost both their homes and jobs, but thankfully not their lives. After looking around at the loss of lives and destruction in the surrounding area, Dave decided to build a variety of shelters from the material he knew so well. Steel sheeting will prevent debris from entering a storm shelter and structural support gives added assurance that the unit will hold up to a violent storm. For over 25 years, Dave fabricated and erected many buildings in the West TN area. He has worked in all phases of the steel business and knows what steel will and won't do. We have continued to upgrade our product line as the need for it has been realized and returned to Texas Tech for additional testing when we offer a new product or change. We have also secured 3rd party certification by a professional engineer on almost all shelters built by us.

Texas Tech University Testing

After wide spread storms, shelter companies’ pop up at random. We are proud to be the steady company for families to turn to. While others come and go, we continue to work along providing a safe place for your loved ones and yourself.

As the founder has always said about steel,
”If you build it out of steel, it will “'Steel' Be Here for Generations to come.”

​How many of you remember your grandmother’s old iron bed frame? Or is it your Great, Great, Grandmother's?

Pictured: Actual Texas Tech University cannon that is used to perform the testing of shelter designs. A 15 lb wood 2”X4” is propelled at 100 mph for horizontal impacts and 67 mph for vertical impacts, in accordance with FEMA 320, “Taking Shelter from the Storm,” 2008 Edition and FEMA 361, “Design and Construction Guidance for Community SafeRooms,” 2008 Edition.
Steel Storm Shelters, LLC has been numerous times to TTU when a new design is implemented. We have had our Above Ground SafeRoom shelters tested and approved, our FEMA 320 SafeDoor for use on our SafeRoom designs or for use in a residential home application. We also went for testing for our FEMA 361 SafeDoor for use upon Community Shelters when the FEMA 361 code is required for use.

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