~Locally Owned & Operated

~Meets or exceeds FEMA 320 guidelines

~Texas Tech Tested/Approved

Steel Storm Shelter TN

Are You Ready For The Next One?

Who of us wants to get up in the middle of the night and go out in the weather to a shelter that is in the yard in order to reach safety? Most of us don't or we wait till it's too late. Statistics show that many injuries are sustained by folks trying to reach their place of safety because they waited too long to go to their shelter or did not realize the severity of the storm until it was too late.

The SafeRoom unit is built of 3/16 steel material for the walls. All shelters have a skeleton of 4 inch channel which goes up and over the top to protect you from falling debris. Knowing steel as Dave does, he knew this would make it stronger and give you the needed protection for you and your family.

The door is the only separate piece on our unit. The door of any shelter is the weakest point during a storm. FEMA specifies that all storm shelters should have a steel door. Steel is the one thing that has been tested and can withstand flying and falling debris that is thrown around like missiles. A door should have 6 points of attachment. We’ve done our best to build these to withstand most anything. The door lock system sets 3 locks with a single turn. The hinge side of the door has 3 points of attachment for the hinges. Texas Tech testing allows 1 failure of locking points on doors. During testing, all attachment points on our door stayed engaged and secure.

The SafeShed and SafeRoom are made basically the same. (The SafeShed has added vinyl siding and a single slop metal roof attached to exterior of unit). Each have to be anchored upon concrete. We use Hilti HY 100, a chemical anchor system and all thread anchors set into the concrete slab. With the anchoring system (Hilti) we use, it becomes a part of the concrete slab. The weight of the shelter, the weight of the slab, and the attachment system keep the unit in place during a storm.

When wind can get below an object, it has the ability to pick it up. With the way the SafeRoom and SafeShed are built and attached, there is very little way air can find a spot large enough to create a draft and move it. Also they have been tested and withstood debris flown at it at over 250 miles per hour. The SafeRoom design is engineer stamped for added assurance.

*Distributors/Dealers are in other areas for our built shelters. Dealer pricing will be reflective of distance traveled for these ones to provide shelters in their local areas.

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Above Ground

Custom Built Units every time since we are building each unit for each family’s needs.

Storms can happen at any time. Be prepared.​​

While the safest place to be in a tornado or strong wind is below ground, we have to consider that not everyone can go below ground. Those who are elderly and/or disabled are not able to get down stairs or ladders to safety.