~Locally Owned & Operated

~Meets or exceeds FEMA 320 guidelines

~Texas Tech Tested/Approved

Steel Storm Shelter TN

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Steel Storm Shelters, LLC was established in May 2003. It is a family owned and operated company located in a small town in West Tennessee named Henderson.



When a tornado struck Jackson Tennessee in 2001 that was the point where the company’s founder, a Vietnam Veteran, David Hughes decided to build something to help families stay safe during a storm. David, the previous owner of Hughes Welding and Fabrication established in 1980, has constructed structural steel buildings all over west Tennessee and the surrounding area. After assisting in the clean-up from the storm, after seeing so many of our friends effected and losing so much, he wanted to give families peace of mind during a storm. David researched and devolved Storm Shelters made of a material he knew so well, STEEL. The storm shelters might not have been as pretty and as streamline as where they are today, but they were sure to provide protection. David assisted in the blueprints, the fabrication, sales, installation, and the list goes on.  He still enjoys visiting the shop often and getting his hands dirty when he can. Our mother, Kathy Hughes is the backbone to the company and has always supported everyone involved. Her biggest joy is talking to the customers. With just one phone call she could sell a SafeRoom with every bell and whistle there was to offer to someone just calling to inquire about information. 
David and Kathy was the brains behind the Steel Storm Shelters operation but they needed someone for all the sales, orders, etc. They needed a manager. Ginger Vanderheyden, the oldest Hughes sibling was happy to take on this task. Ginger helped our dad's dream to become a successful business. She assisted with the testing of our products as well as getting documentation that we still refer back to today.  She decided to step away and offered the company to our brother and his wife Dave and Sunny Hughes. Dave has worked alongside our dad since day 1, even assisting in the blueprints of our Storm Shelters. Dave and Sunny have continued the business since 2015 and brought it thru the Covid-19 craze. When covid came to the USA the storm shelter industry did not take a hit. Storms were still coming and people were still seeking our products to assist in their family’s safety. To say the least this was a relief to all the familys that were supported by the sales of our products during this very trying time. 
Sunny and Dave are currently managing members at a successful business by the name of Quality Iron and Steel in Selmer Tennessee. Due to the growth and success of this new company Sunny needed assistance with managing Steel Storm Shelters. I (Candi Cupples) could see Sunny and Dave had dreams and plans for their new company, QIS, and I wanted to offer to take over Steel Storm Shelters to lighten their load.  I was currently working at a local elementary school as the librarian/teacher assistant at the time. After much consideration, I decided to make Sunny an offer to take over the family company. I had been employed with the Chester County school system for a total of 8 years.
As of December 1st 2021 I am the current owner at Steel Storm Shelters, LLC.
I have been involved with Steel Storm Shelters for years off and on since the opening in 2003. I worked in our offices and have assisted in the building and installation of our shelters. Clay Cupples, my other half, has been involved with the company since 2006. Most of the units we have installed he has been a part of. He actually lost his original wedding band in an underground shelter install during the concrete pour. Today, Clay is involved in every aspect of our shelters and doors. From contacting the customers, drawing each unit up per customers needs/requests, to problem solving, to fabricating, finishing, installing, etc. If it has anything to do with the physical part of the company he has been involved. Another honorable mention would be another Hughes sibling, Cindy Smith. She has been here supporting this company since day 1 as well. She is involved with the finishing of our products. She is a hard worker and huge asset to our company. I have worked alongside her many times in the finishing of our products. Her quality to make sure each customer is happy is shown in her work. This is a family business so there are others not mentioned that have assisted and stepped up any time they have been needed. 

Clay and I were married in 2006, reside in Chester County, and have 3 children. We built our home in 2015 and included a SafeRoom in the building plans. Protecting our family is a priority of ours, as it is for all parents. Offering families peace of mind during such an unpredictable time is something important to us and our family , as it has been for years.

Clay and I have goals for where we would like to see Steel Storm Shelters over the next few years. We look forward to continuing to  offer SafeRooms to family's in our community. So many people as of late are including some type of a Tornado Shelter in their new home. We would like to take on new customers, specifically contractors, who can use our SafeDoor and SafeRoom in their new construction homes.