Locally Owned & Operated
Meets or exceeds FEMA 320 guidelines
Texas Tech Tested/Approved
Steel Storm Shelter TN
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Hill Side Shelter

Standard Size: 6x6x6

We build custom sizes, too! 

* All steel construction; 10 gauge steel body, 3/16 steel floor plate.
* Exterior coated with coal tar epoxy for added durability
*Interior and exposed exterior area painted with KEM400 by Sherwin Williams in Familiar Beige
* Outdoor living carpet over 3/16 steel plate floor
* Door - Tested at TTU - 1/4 inch plate steel on a steel frame. Doors are all Texas Tech tested with a single turn, triple lock set.
* Door entrance has extra steel wings at sides (protects from falling debris) & apron to keep entry way clear of run off
* Entrance is wheel chair accessible (Door is 30" wide typical. We can provide a 36” door width to allow for wheelchair as an upgrade option.)
* 1 ventilation turbine at roof area; 2 passive vents in the front wall 

Excellent unit if you have a hill close to your home. The unit best installs in a hill that is 5 ft tall. It is made with the strength of steel. We have driven a bulldozer over the top of this shelter during an install to level the dirt. This also lets you know how safe it is if something should fall on it or be shot into it during a storm.

The door is the same as our above ground models - SafeRoom and SafeShed - which has been tested for 250 mph wind force. It also has steel wings that go around the door area, an apron to keep dirt away from the entry, and a rain guard to protect door area.

The Hillside unit allows you to walk inside with no steps and is elderly friendly / handicapped accessible.

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