Locally Owned & Operated
Meets or exceeds FEMA 320 guidelines
Texas Tech Tested
Steel Storm Shelter TN
Are You Ready For The Next One?

You enter this unit by use of an aluminum ladder that is built to be removable once inside the unit. The unit will have a 16” bench at the end away from the door opening. The unit is vented around the door itself and also with slotted vents at the end away from the door area. There is outdoor living carpet covering the floor.

The unit is painted in a Farrell Calhoun product in the color Dove Grey.

Our unit is not a small, quick fix unit for a shelter. We do take 2 days to complete the install process. Typically, the first day is spent excavating and removing fill. We then set the unit. The next day, the concrete pour will take place to finish the project. If the homeowner can provide the 'dump' area for the fill on property close by is very helpful.
You do have a full size unit with our provided shelter.
We only install in our local area's surround Madison County at this time. Units from the shop are available to families who want to arrange a local contractor install of our built unit. Typical lead time is 4 weeks but can extend also to approx. 6 weeks. Estimated installed pricing on this 6 X 8 X 6'0 unit will be $9800. Unit from shop; $5800. It is a tough install and only we offer this size unit for beneath the garage floor. 

In-Slab Shelter

In 2011, we designed a unit for InSlab install beneath your concrete slab in the garage.
We took this door to Texas Tech for testing and passed. Larry Tanner of TTU called our newly designed door a 'monster door' that was 'cleverly designed'. Thank you, Dad.

We are pleased to offer this design to families at this time. We do not and cannot compete with the 'cookie cutter' styles that are on the market currently. Due to this, we have made the decision to only offer this unit in a size 6X8X6 with the slider door for entrance.  The door area is made of check floor plate to provide a slip resistant surface inside your garage. The unit will be 6’2 approx. overall height at the door area inside the unit and 6'0 approx. on the outside edges away from the door. You will have a ceiling area to stand beneath and not just open the door and what is on top falls in upon you.

There are some price variances for units installed during the construction phase of work before concrete has to be cut out of the way and removed and the excavating has to happen inside the limited space of the garage. We will also work with local builders/contractors to deliver and set the unit into the pre-excavated hole for the contractor to finish the project during the pour of the garage floor. You will want to keep the unit covered with plastic until a roof is in place and likely during a good portion of the construction to keep debris, sheetrock dust, and such out of the track for the door to operate.