~Locally Owned & Operated

~Meets or exceeds FEMA 320 guidelines

~Texas Tech Tested/Approved

Steel Storm Shelter TN

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At this time we are only manufacturing our underground models for a shop pick up or delivery. We do not install this. 

The Mound model installs 4 feet below ground and 2 feet above ground. The excavated dirt is then mounded over the unit to create a ‘bump’ in the yard. Landscaping can be done to surround exposed area of unit or the homeowner may opt to have a load of top soil available to create a more mounded look after the install of the unit.

Unit offers protection comparable to a Below Ground shelter. This unit does have a steeper set of steps to enter the unit. The exterior that is covered over with dirt is coated with coal tar epoxy and the exterior which is above ground is painted with enamel type paint. The interior is also painted and has Outdoor Living carpeted floors. A single 16” bench is within the unit.

We recommend trying to place this unit close to your home since many are injured while trying to reach the safety of a storm shelter if it is placed a distance away from the home.

Mound Shelters

* Standard Size: 6X6X6 
* All steel construction
* Four stair steps to enter shelter
* Exterior coated with coal tar epoxy for added durability below ground
* NASCAR style roll bar at door entrance (protects from falling debris and gives a handrail for entry)
* Embedded in concrete to prevent a float up; anchorage for unit during storm (Recommendation)
* Door - Piston assist to lift. Door: Texas Tech tested with a single turn, triple lock system