Are You Ready For The Next One?

At this time we are only manufacturing our underground models for a shop pick up or delivery. We do not install this. 

* Constructed of 10 gauge steel with 3/16 inch steel floor
* 4” Channel support system for protection from falling debris
* Steps to porch serve as door to shelter
* Door (steps to porch) -11 gauge reinforced steel, has 3 - HD steel hinges, 3 point, single turn lock. The step/door has been tested and passed TTU testing. (Door has piston lift assist)
* 4 steps to enter shelter after lifting the door
* 1 -16 inch bench seat
* 2 vents
* Painted interior & painted exterior for above ground area; coal tar epoxy below ground
* Outdoor living carpet
* Treated wood deck included; composite wood deck available; At this time, we offer this unit without the added rails. We provide 4" pockets for you to attach rails to the deck after it is placed. We can omit the deck if you want to have the unit placed and then over span the unit with your own deck materials.
Upgrades available:
* Permanent synthetic board for deck instead of treated board
* Bunk beds - bottom bunk is built in place and a top bunk lifts and attaches with chains
* Wrought iron picket handrail
* Wooden handrail

Porch Shelters

~Locally Owned & Operated

~Meets or exceeds FEMA 320 guidelines

~Texas Tech Tested/Approved

Steel Storm Shelter TN

Standard Size 6X6X6'0

Who wants to 'seek a ditch or low lying area' when a tornado warning is sounded and the announcer tells you to leave a manufactured home?

This is an excellent choice for mobile homes. With the exception of the door, it is built in the same design as our original Safe Room, which was tested for 250 mph wind force. The upper part (about 2'6") is painted in an enamel product by Sherwin Williams. The below ground portion (about 4') is coated with a coal tar epoxy for protection of the steel. This unit is embedded in concrete to prevent it from floating up due to ground water and to serve as anchorage for the unit during a storm since a portion of the unit is above ground. The stairs lift to gain access into the shelter. You do not have to go far to be in a safe place.