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Meets or exceeds FEMA 320 guidelines
Texas Tech Tested

TTU Testing
Actual Texas Tech University cannon that is used to perform the testing of shelter designs.   A 15 lb wood 2”X4” is propelled at 100 mph for horizontal impacts and 67 mph for vertical impacts, in accordance with FEMA 320, “Taking Shelter from the Storm,” 2008 Edition and FEMA 361, “Design and Construction Guidance for Community SafeRooms,” 2008 Edition.

Steel Storm Shelters, LLC has been numerous times to TTU when a new design is implemented. We have our Above Ground SafeRoom shelters tested and approved, our FEMA 320 SafeDoor for use on our SafeRoom designs or for use in a residential home application. All other shelter doors are also tested to include the Underground, the Mound, the PorchSafe, and the InSlab doors. We also went for testing for our FEMA 361 SafeDoor for use upon Community Shelters when the FEMA 361 code is required for use.

Hatch Ladder and Door
This is a shelter door that typically would be used upon our Underground SafeDen shelter with our locking system. By building the hatch as an independent unit, it can be placed into differing shelter construction projects. This hatch type door can be built to your needed size.  A typical door will be 30”X30”.  The door can also be built to the size of our typical Underground SafeDen door which is 30"X60". It can be built with a weld stud design for the anchorage to take place during the shelter pour or it can be built so that anchorage is secured via anchor bolts on the face of the door. This type of door is used when you are pouring a concrete floor/roof for a shelter beneath your home, shop, etc. It has also been used upon prepared 'fall out shelters' in your secure location.

The ladder is also available if you need access from the hatch door into the shelter below. We need to know a few dimensions for the length of the ladder and it can be constructed especially for your project. 

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Work Bench
The Work Bench shelter is built of 3/16 steel plate. It also has the C4 channel support system surrounding the unit for protection from debris falling.
Size of this unit is typically 36X84X36. It has the same lock system we use on all units; a single turn that sets 3 locks into place. 


Vent Block
The Vent Block provides safe ventilation for a storm shelter of concrete or block.  The Vent Block is sized 8”X16. It is built with a weld stud design to allow it to set in place of a block and be anchored during the concrete back fill process for the shelter wall.
Vent Block is made of 3/16 steel plate. It has an expanded metal grid to prevent debris pieces from entering the shelter. It will need the homeowner/contractor to add a screened cover on inside of shelter to protect interior of shelter from small insects.