Under Ground with Stairs
*Standard Size: 6X6X6; 6X8X6

At this time we are only manufacturing our underground models for a shop pick up or delivery. We do not install this. 

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The exterior of both units are covered with tar mastic which protects them from rust. The underground with stair is embedded in concrete for protection of the steel and to make sure they stay where you put them. This helps prevent a 'float up' due to ground water. It can also be built with an extended floor plate that excavated dirt sets upon to weigh down the unit.

The unit design is engineer stamped for either option. 

Underground Shelters are shipped or shop pick up only, at this time.  We can ship anywhere in the United States for an additional cost or you can pick one up at our fabrication shop. We offer installation instructions and are always happy to help installers with questions. 


The Underground unit is very durable and built with your comfort in mind. They have the 4 inch channel skeleton which makes them stronger and also adds protection from debris which could fall and/or be driven into the ground. Even below ground isn't completely safe, unless it has some protection from debris entering the unit in this manner. During installations, we have driven a bull dozer and other large equipment over them. You can be sure that whatever does fall up there above you will remain up there, rather than inside of the unit with you. 

Many people feel uncomfortable going underground, even though they know this is the safest place to be in a storm or tornado. Most people are surprised when they go into our shelters, especially our Below Ground with Stair entry unit. The underground with stair is designed with a large entry (30" X 5'0). The stairway has 8 steps into the unit. The body of the Below Ground model and the Hillside shelter are made the same. The entrance way is the only difference in the two models.

Steel Storm Shelter TN

~Locally Owned & Operated

~Meets or exceeds FEMA 320 guidelines

~Texas Tech Tested/Approved